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URN: urn:nbn:de:kobv:517-opus-14686
URL: http://opus.kobv.de/ubp/volltexte/2007/1468/

Seehafer, Norbert ; Schumacher, Jörg

Resistivity profile and instability of the plane sheet pinch

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Kurzfassung auf Englisch

The stability of the quiescent ground state of an incompressible, viscous and electrically conducting fluid sheet, bounded by stress-free parallel planes and driven by an external electric field tangential to the boundaries, is studied numerically. The electrical conductivity varies as cosh–2(x1/a), where x1 is the cross-sheet coordinate and a is the half width of a current layer centered about the midplane of the sheet. For a <~ 0.4L, where L is the distance between the boundary planes, the ground state is unstable to disturbances whose wavelengths parallel to the sheet lie between lower and upper bounds depending on the value of a and on the Hartmann number. Asymmetry of the configuration with respect to the midplane of the sheet, modelled by the addition of an externally imposed constant magnetic field to a symmetric equilibrium field, acts as a stabilizing factor.

PACS - Klassifikation 95.30.Qd , 52.30.-q , 47.65.+a
Institut 1: Institut für Physik und Astronomie
Institut 2: Interdisziplinäres Zentrum Dynamik komplexer Systeme
DDC-Sachgruppe: Physik
Dokumentart: c Preprint (Vorabdruck)
Schriftenreihe: NLD Preprints
Band Nummer: paper 044
Sprache: Englisch
Erstellungsjahr: 1998
Publikationsdatum: 06.07.2007

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