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Nr. Titel Autor Jahr Band
1 On long-term variations of foF2 in the mid-latitude ionosphere before strong earthquakes Liperovskaya, E. V. et al. 2006 paper 066
2 On Es-spread effects in the ionosphere connected to earthquakes Liperovskaya, E. V. et al. 2006 paper 065
3 On the possible influence of radon and aerosol injection on the atmosphere and ionosphere before earthquakes Liperovsky, V. A. et al. 2005 paper 064
4 Nonlinear square patterns in Rayleigh-Bénard convection Demircan, Ayhan et al. 2000 paper 062
5 Temperature-anisotropy driven mirror waves in space plasma Meister, Claudia-Veronika et al. 2000 paper 061
6 Nonlinear electrostatic ion-acoustic waves in the solar atmosphere Volosevich, Alexandra et al. 2000 paper 060
7 Acceleration and heating in the auroral magnetosphere by current driven electrostatic ion cyclotron turbulence Zakharov, Venjamin E. et al. 2000 paper 059
8 Particle distribution from spectral Mie-scattering: kernel representation and singular-value spectrum Mekler, A. A. et al. 2000 paper 058
9 Phase transitions, complexity, and stationarity in the production of polyrhythms Guasti, Giovanna et al. 2000 paper 057
10 Bifurcation analysis of the plane sheet pinch Schumacher, Jörg et al. 1999 paper 056
11 Heteroclinic behavior in rotating Rayleigh-Bénard convection Demircan, Ayhan et al. 1999 paper 055
12 The dynamics of tail-like current sheets under the influence of small-scale plasma turbulence Runov, A. V. et al. 1999 paper 054
13 The ill-posed inversion of multiwavelength lidar data by a hybrid method of variable projection Böckmann, Christine et al. 1999 paper 053
14 Nonlinear interaction of Farley-Buneman waves Volosevich, Alexandra V. et al. 1998 paper 052
15 Simultaneous activity and attenuation reconstruction in emission tomography Dicken, Volker 1998 paper 050
16 Modifications of sporadic E-layers caused by seismic activity Liperovsky, V.A. et al. 1998 paper 049
17 An adaptive discretization for Tikhonov-Phillips regularization with a posteriori parameter selection Maaß, Peter et al. 1998 paper 048
18 Examination of the nonlinear LIDAR-operator : the influence of inhomogeneous absorbing spheres on the operator Böckmann, Christine et al. 1998 paper 047
19 The route to chaos for a two-dimensional externally driven flow Braun, Robert et al. 1998 paper 046
20 Geoelectrical conductivity problems on unbounded domains Lukaschewitsch, Michael 1998 paper 045
21 Resistivity profile and instability of the plane sheet pinch Seehafer, Norbert et al. 1998 paper 044
22 Dynamo bifurcations in an array of driven convection-like rolls Rüdiger, Sten et al. 1998 paper 043
23 Bifurcations in two-dimensional Rayleigh-Bénard convection Zienicke, Egbert et al. 1997 paper 042
24 Tempo-induced transitions in polyrhythmic hand movements Engbert, Ralf et al. 1997 paper 041
25 Squire‘s theorem for the magnetohydrodynamic sheet pinch Seehafer, Norbert et al. 1997 paper 040
26 Bifurcation to oscillations in three-dimensional Rayleigh-Bénard convection Scheel, Stefan et al. 1997 paper 039
27 Retrieval of multimodal aerosol size distribution by inversion of multiwavelength data Böckmann, Christine et al. 1997 paper 038
28 Bifurcations and chaos in an array of forced vortices Braun, Robert et al. 1997 paper 037
29 Characterizing the dynamics of stochastic bistable systems by measures of complexity Witt, Annette et al. 1997 paper 036
30 Nonlinear Galerkin methods for the 3D magnetohydrodynamic equations Schmidtmann, Olaf et al. 1997 paper 035
31 Komplexes Verhalten in multistabilen, schwach dissipativen Systemen Feudel, Ulrike 1996 paper 034
32 A note on the determination of the type of communication areas Jansen, Wolfgang 1996 paper 033
33 Absence of magnetohydrodynamic activity in the voltage-driven sheet pinch Seehafer, Norbert et al. 1996 paper 032
34 Symmetry breaking bifurcations for the magnetohydrodynamic equations with helical forcing Feudel, Fred et al. 1996 paper 031
35 Wavelet-accelerated Tikhonov-Phillips regularization with applications Maaß, Peter et al. 1996 paper 030
36 Supertransient chaos in the two-dimensional complex Ginzburg-Landau equation Braun, Robert et al. 1996 paper 029
37 Reconstruction of grand minima of solar activity from Delta 14 C data : linear and nonlinear signal analysis Voss, Henning et al. 1996 paper 028
38 CANDYS/QA : algorithms, programs, and user‘s manual Jansen, Wolfgang 1995 paper 027
39 Nature of the α effect in magnetohydrodynamics Seehafer, Norbert 1995 paper 025
40 Bifurcations and pattern formation in a 2D Navier-Stokes fluid Feudel, Fred et al. 1995 paper 023
41 Wavelet-Galerkin methods for ill-posed problems Dicken, Volker et al. 1995 paper 022
42 Fluid helicity and dynamo bifurcations Feudel, Fred et al. 1995 paper 018
43 Modelling of the interaction of lower and higher modes in two-dimensional MHD-equations Schmidtmann, Olaf 1995 paper 017
44 Singular continuous spectra in dissipative dynamics Pikovsky, Arkady S. et al. 1995 paper 015
45 Detection of hidden resonances in Saturn's B-ring Thiessenhusen, Kai-Uwe et al. 1995 paper 013
46 Bifurcation phenomena of the magnetofluid equations Feudel , Fred et al. 1995 paper 009
47 Einführung in die nichtlineare Dynamik Schwarz, Udo 1994 paper 008
48 Quantitative analysis of heart rate variability Kurths, Jürgen et al. 1994 paper 005
49 On the validity of a model for the reversals of the Earth‘s magnetic field Witt, Annette et al. 1994 paper 004
50 Roughening interfaces in deterministic dynamics Kurths, Jürgen et al. 1994 paper 003
51 Characterizing strange nonchaotic attractors Pikovsky, Arkady et al. 1994 paper 002
52 On the bifurcation phenomena in truncations of the 2D Navier-Stokes equations Feudel, Fred et al. 1994 paper 001

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