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1 Predictability of hydrologic response at the plot and catchment scales: Role of initial conditions Zehe, Erwin et al. 2004 paper 166
2 Plating of nano zero-valent iron (nZVI) on activated carbon : a fast delivery method of iron for source remediation? Busch, Jan et al. 2011 paper 165
3 Nervous control of liver metabolism and hemodynamics Gardemann, Andreas et al. 1992 paper 164
4 Integration of function in the hepatic acinus : intercellular communication in neural and humoral control of liver metabolism Püschel, Gerhard et al. 1994 paper 163
5 Locally adapted fish populations maintain small-scale genetic differentiation despite perturbation by a catastrophic flood event Plath, Martin et al. 2010 paper 162
6 Polymer hydrogel/polybutadiene/iron oxide nanoparticle hybrid actuators for the characterization of NiTi implants Jeličić, Aleksandra et al. 2009 paper 161
7 Algebrodifferentialgleichungen und Vektorfelder auf Mannigfaltigkeiten Reich, Sebastian 1980 paper 160
8 On the local qualitative behavior of differential-algebraic equations Reich, Sebastian 1995 paper 159
9 On an existence and uniqueness theory for nonlinear differential-algebraic equations Reich, Sebastian 1991 paper 158
10 On a geometrical interpretation of differential-algebraic equations Reich, Sebastian 1990 paper 157
11 Differential-algebraic equations and applications in circuit theory Reich, Sebastian 1992 paper 156
12 Schalenwild breitet Gefäßpflanzen in der mitteleuropäischen Kulturlandschaft aus : ein erster Überblick Heinken, Thilo et al. 2005 paper 155
13 Sand- und Silikat-Kiefernwälder (Dicrano-Pinion) in Deutschland : Gliederungskonzept und Ökologie Heinken, Thilo 2007 paper 154
14 Die natürlichen Kiefernstandorte Deutschlands und ihre Gefährdung Heinken, Thilo 2008 paper 153
15 Spread of an ant-dispersed annual herb : an individual-based simulation study on population development of Melampyrum pratense L. Winkler, Eckart et al. 2007 paper 152
16 Non-random dispersal by ants : long-term field data versus model predictions of population spread of a forest herb Heinken, Thilo et al. 2009 paper 151
17 Soil seed banks near rubbing trees indicate dispersal of plant species into forests by wild boar Heinken, Thilo et al. 2006 paper 150
18 Colonization of recent coniferous versus deciduous forest stands by vascular plants at the local scale Wulf, Monika et al. 2008 paper 149
19 Timing cellular decision making under noise via cell-cell communication Koseska, Aneta et al. 2009 paper 148
20 Stability of metabolic correlations under changing environmental conditions in Escherichia coli : a systems approach Szymanski, Jedrzej et al. 2009 paper 147
21 Applied tracers for the observation of subsurface stormflow at the hillslope scale Wienhöfer, Jan et al. 2009 paper 146
22 Identification and classification of ncRNA molecules using graph properties Childs, Liam et al. 2009 paper 145
23 A macro-tidal freshwater ecosystem recovering from hypereutrophication : the Schelde lease study Cox, Tom et al. 2009 paper 144
24 Audience effects in the Atlantic molly (Poecilia mexicana) : prudent male mate choice in response to perceived sperm competition risk? Ziege, Madlen et al. 2009 paper 143
25 Improved heterosis prediction by combining information on DNA- and metabolic markers Gärtner, Tanja et al. 2009 paper 142
26 Detection and characterization of 3D-signature phosphorylation site motifs and their contribution towards improved phosphorylation site prediction in proteins Durek, Pawel et al. 2009 paper 141
27 Analysing the temporal dynamics of model performance for hydrological models Reusser, Dominik et al. 2009 paper 140
28 The extracellular EXO protein mediates cell expansion in Arabidopsis leaves Schröder, Florian et al. 2009 paper 139
29 Gene structures and processing of Arabidopsis thaliana HYL1-dependent pri-miRNAs Szarzynska, Bogna et al. 2009 paper 138
30 GabiPD : the GABI primary database - a plant integrative "omics" database Riano-Pachon, Diego Mauricio et al. 2009 paper 137
31 Bio-jETI : a framework for semantics-based service composition Lamprecht, Anna-Lena et al. 2009 paper 136
32 Cellulose/gold nanocrystal hybrids via an ionic liquid/aqueous precipitation route Li, Zhonghao et al. 2009 paper 135
33 Site directed mutagenesis of amino acid residues at the active site of mouse aldehyde oxidase AOX1 Schumann, Silvia et al. 2009 paper 134
34 Salt-dependent regulation of a CNG channel subfamily in Arabidopsis Kugler, Annette et al. 2009 paper 133
35 Generic algorithm to predict the speed of translational elongation : implications for protein biogenesis Zhang, Gong et al. 2009 paper 132
36 Analysing spatio-temporal patterns of the global NO2-distribution retrieved from GOME satellite observations using a generalized additive model Hayn, Michael et al. 2009 paper 131
37 Ground state robustness as an evolutionary design principle in signaling networks Kartal, Önder et al. 2009 paper 130
38 Functional classification of genome-scale metabolic networks Ebenhöh, Oliver et al. 2009 paper 129
39 Reverse evolution : driving forces behind the loss of acquired photosynthetic traits de Castro, Francisco et al. 2009 paper 128
40 ChlamyCyc : an integrative systems biology database and web-portal for Chlamydomonas reinhardtii May, Patrick et al. 2009 paper 127
41 Dynamically vs. empirically downscaled medium-range precipitation forecasts Bürger, Gerd 2009 paper 126
42 Use of soil moisture dynamics and patterns at different spatio-temporal scales for the investigation of subsurface flow processes Blume, Theresa et al. 2009 paper 125
43 Mitochondrial genome sequence and gene order of Sipunculus nudus give additional support for an inclusion of Sipuncula into Annelida Mwinyi, Adina et al. 2009 paper 124
44 On the phylogenetic position of Myzostomida : can 77 genes get it wrong? Bleidorn, Christoph et al. 2009 paper 123
45 A highly efficient pipeline for protein expression in Leishmania tarentolae sing infrared fluorescence protein as marker Dortay, Hakan et al. 2010 paper 122
46 Antiplasmodial and larvicidal flavonoids from Derris trifoliata Peter, Martin G. et al. 2009 paper 121
47 A gene marker panel covering the Wnt and the Ras-Raf-MEK-MAPK signalling pathways allows to detect gene mutations in 80% of early (UICC I) colon cancer stages in humans Scholtka, Bettina et al. 2009 paper 120
48 Inflammation does not precede or accompany the induction of perneoplastic lesions in the colon of 2-amino-1-methyl-6-phenylimidazo[4,5-b]pyridine-fed rats Scholtka, Bettina et al. 2009 paper 119
49 Antiplasmodial β-hydroxydihydrochalcone from seedpods of Tephrosia elata Peter, Martin G. et al. 2009 paper 118
50 Stimulation of glycogen phosphorylase in rat hepatocytes via prostanoid release from Kupffer cells by recombinant rat anaphylatoxin C5a but not by native human C5a in hepatocyte/Kupffer cell co-cultures Hespeling, Ursula et al. 1995 paper 117
51 Inhibition by the protein kinase C activator 4β-phorbol 12-myristate 13-acetate of the prostaglandin F₂α-mediated and noradrenaline-mediated but not glucagon-mediated activation of glycogenolysis in rat liver Püschel, Gerhard et al. 1993 paper 115
52 Isolation and characterization of Dipeptidyl Peptidase IV from human placenta Püschel, Gerhard et al. 1982 paper 114
53 Characterization of prostaglandin-F₂α-binding sites on rat hepatocyte plasma membranes Neuschäfer-Rube, Frank et al. 1993 paper 113
54 Glycogenolytic and antiglycogenolytic prostaglandin E₂ actions in rat hepatocytes are mediated via different signalling pathways Püschel, Gerhard et al. 1993 paper 112
55 Source, topography and excitatory effects of GABAergic innervation in cockroach salivary glands Blenau, Wolfgang et al. 2009 paper 111
56 Activation of inositol phosphate formation by circulating noradrenaline but not by sympathetic nerve stimulation with a similar increase of glucose release in perfused rat liver Püschel, Gerhard et al. 1988 paper 110
57 Analysis of two D1-like dopamine receptors from the honey bee Apis mellifera reveals agonist-independent activity Blenau, Wolfgang et al. 2003 paper 109
58 Molecular cloning and expression of a prostaglandin E₂ receptor of the EP₃ϐ subtype from rat hepatocytes Neuschäfer-Rube, Frank et al. 1994 paper 108
59 Aminergic signal transduction in invertebrates : focus on tyramine and octopamine receptors Blenau, Wolfgang et al. 2003 paper 107
60 Enzymatic direct synthesis of acrylic acid esters of mono- and disaccharides Tsukamoto, Junko et al. 2008 paper 106
61 Growth of phytopathogenic fungi in the presence of partially acetylated chitooligosaccharides Oliveira Jr, E. N. et al. 2008 paper 105
62 Joziknipholones A and B : the First Dimeric Phenylanthraquinones, from the Roots of Bulbine frutescens Bringmann, Gerhard et al. 2008 paper 104
63 Phase shifts of atomic de Broglie waves at an evanescent wave mirror Henkel, Carsten et al. 1994 paper 103
64 A modulated mirror for atomic interferometry Henkel, Carsten et al. 1994 paper 102
65 Atomic diffraction by a thin phase grating Henkel, Carsten et al. 1994 paper 101
66 Correlated dynamics of electrons with reduced two-electron density matrices Schäfer-Bung, Boris et al. 2008 paper 100
67 Stress-induced natural transformation of ortho- to clinohypersthene in metagabbros of the Ivrea Zone, Northern Italy Altenberger, Uwe 1992 paper 099
68 The use of the Langmuir-Blodgett technique to obtain ultra-thin polar films Biddle, M. B. et al. 1989 paper 098
69 Effects of simulated daily precipitation patterns on annual plant populations depend on life stage and climatic region Köchy, Martin 2008 paper 097
70 The structural order of some novel ionic polymers; 2. : Models of molecular packing Tsukruk, Vladimir et al. 1992 paper 096
71 Hydrophilic spacer groups in polymerizable lipids: formation of biomembrane models from bulk polymerized lipids Elbert, R. et al. 1985 paper 095
72 Second-harmonic generation in Langmuir-Blodgett monolayers of stilbazium salt and phenylhydrazone dyes Lupo, Donald et al. 1988 paper 094
73 Relaxation and charge transport in mixtures of zwitterionic polymers and inorganic salts Rozanski, Stanislaw A. et al. 1995 paper 093
74 Ring-opening metathesis polymerization of amphiphilic norbornenes functionalized with non-linear optical (NLO) chromophores Laschewsky, André et al. 1993 paper 092
75 Zwitterionic polysoaps with reduced density of surfactant side groups Anton, Peter et al. 1993 paper 091
76 Recent developments in the field of micellar polymers Anton, Peter et al. 1993 paper 090
77 The structural order of some novel ionic polymers : 1. X-ray scattering studies Köberle, Peter et al. 1992 paper 089
78 Polysoaps via alternating olefin/SO2 copolymers Anton, Peter et al. 1991 paper 088
79 Molecular concepts, self-organisation and properties of polysoaps Laschewsky, André 1995 paper 087
80 Hybrid materials from organic polymers and inorganic salts Köberle, Peter et al. 1994 paper 086
81 Polysoaps with fluorocarbon hydrophobic chains Cochin, D. et al. 1995 paper 085
82 Solubilization control by redox-switching of polysoaps Anton, P. et al. 1995 paper 084
83 Solubilization by polysoaps Anton, P. et al. 1994 paper 083
84 Amphiphilic dyes for nonlinear optics: Dependence of second harmonic generation on functional group substitution Bubeck, Christoph et al. 1991 paper 082
85 Preformed polymers for Langmuir-Blodgett films- molecular concepts Embs, Frank et al. 1991 paper 081
86 Thermal behaviour of polymeric Langmuir-Blodgett multilayers Erdelen, C. et al. 1989 paper 080
87 Monolayers of rod-shaped and disc-shaped liquid crystalline compounds at the air-water interface Albrecht, O. et al. 1986 paper 079
88 Photodimerization and photopolymerization of amphiphilic cinnamic acid derivatives in oriented monolayers, vesicles and solution Koch, Horst et al. 1986 paper 078
89 Inhibition of farnesoic acid methyltransferase by sinefungin Ferenz, Hans-Jürgen et al. 1983 paper 077
90 The inhibitory effect of sinefungin on juvenile hormone biosynthesis and development in locusts Ferenz, Hans-Jörg et al. 1987 paper 076
91 About the derivation of the SCA algorithm Allefeld, Carsten 2006 paper 075
92 Detection of early cognitive processing by event-related phase synchronization analysis Allefeld, Carsten et al. 2005 paper 074
93 Phase synchronization analysis of event-related potentials in language processing Allefeld, Carsten et al. 2004 paper 073
94 Cuticle-catalyzed coupling between N-acetylhistidine and N-acetyldopamine Andersen, Svend Olav et al. 1992 paper 072
95 Testing for phase synchronization Allefeld, Carsten et al. 2004 paper 071
96 Capillary electrophoresis as a fast and universal tool in soil analysis Howald, Markus et al. 1995 paper 070
97 An approach to multivariate phase synchronization analysis and its application to event-related potentials Allefeld, Carsten et al. 2004 paper 069
98 Binding and degradation of juvenile hormone III by haemolymph proteins of the Colorado potato beetle: a re-examination Kort, C. A. D. de et al. 1983 paper 068
99 Presinusoidal and proximal intrasinusoidal confluence of hepatic artery and portal vein in rat liver : functional evidence by orthograde and retrograde bivascular perfusion Watanabe, Yuji et al. 1994 paper 067
100 Resilience of stocking capacity to changing climate in arid to Mediterranean landscapes Köchy, Martin et al. 2008 paper 066
101 Limit theorems for conditioned multitype Dawson-Watanabe processes and Feller diffusions Champagnat, Nicolas et al. 2008 paper 065
102 Strong influences of larval diet history on subsequent post-settlement growth in the freshwater mollusc Dreissena polymorpha Wacker, Alexander et al. 2002 paper 064
103 Polyunsaturated fatty acids : evidence for non-substitutable biochemical resources in Daphnia galeata Wacker, Alexander et al. 2001 paper 063
104 Catecholamine-protein conjugates : isolation of 4-phenylphenoxazin-2-ones from oxidative coupling of N-acetyldopamine with alipathic amino acids Peter, Martin G. et al. 1992 paper 062
105 Monolayers and Langmuir-Blodgett multilayers of discotic liquid crystals? Laschewsky, André 1989 paper 061
106 Mixed polymeric monolayers and Langmuir-Blodgett multilayers with functional low molecular weight guest compounds Laschewsky, André et al. 1992 paper 060
107 Oligoethyleneoxide spacer groups in polymerizable surfactants Laschewsky, André 1991 paper 059
108 Polymerization of amphiphilic dienes in Langmuir-Blodgett multilayers Laschewsky, André et al. 1988 paper 058
109 Self-organization of polymeric lipids with hydrophilic spacers in side groups and main chain : investigation in monolayers and multilayers Laschewsky, André et al. 1987 paper 057
110 Oriented supramolecular systems-polymeric monolayers and multilayers from prepolymerized amphiphiles Laschewsky, André et al. 1986 paper 056
111 Polymerization of hydrocarbon and fluorocarbon amphiphiles in Langmuir-Blodgett multilayers Laschewsky, André et al. 1985 paper 055
112 Zur Struktur von Eumelaninen : Identifizierung von Konstitutionsmustern durch Festkörper-NMR-Spektroskopie Peter, Martin G. et al. 1989 paper 054
113 On the structure of Eumelanins : identification of constitutional patterns by solid-state NMR spectroscopy Peter, Martin G. et al. 1989 paper 053
114 Umkehr der Enantioselektivität bei der enzymatischen Hydrolyse von Juvenilhormon als Ergebnis einer Proteinfraktionierung Peter, Martin G. et al. 1983 paper 052
115 Spatial analysis of soil hydraulic conductivity in a tropical rain forest catchment Elsenbeer, Helmut et al. 1992 paper 051
116 A daily rainfall erosivity model for Western Amazonia Elsenbeer, Helmut et al. 1993 paper 050
117 Throughfall in the terra firme forest of Western Amazonia Elsenbeer, Helmut et al. 1994 paper 049
118 Mixing model approaches to estimate storm flow sources in an overland flow-dominated tropical rain forest catchment Elsenbeer, Helmut et al. 1995 paper 048
119 Chemical fingerprints of hydrological compartments and flow paths at La Cuenca, western Amazonia Elsenbeer, Helmut et al. 1995 paper 047
120 Hydrologic pathways and stormflow hydrochemistry at South Creek, northeast Queensland Elsenbeer, Helmut et al. 1994 paper 046
121 Inhibition by PGE₂ of glucagon-induced increase in phosphoenolpyruvate carboxykinase mRNA and acceleration of mRNA degradation in cultured rat hepatocytes Püschel, Gerhard et al. 1994 paper 045
122 Momentum conserving symplectic integrators Reich, Sebastian 1994 paper 044
123 Chemische Modifikation von Biopolymeren durch Chinone und Chinonmethide Peter, Martin G. 1989 paper 043
124 Synthesen von Galactose-Cluster-haltigen Steroid-Derivaten Peter, Martin G. et al. 1990 paper 042
125 Products of in vitro oxidation of N-acetyldopamine as possible components in the sclerotization of insect cuticle Peter, Martin G. 1980 paper 041
126 Differential effects of human anaphylatoxin C3a on glucose output and flow in rat liver during orthograde and retrograde perfusion : the periportal scavenger cell hypothesis Püschel, Gerhard P. et al. 1991 paper 040
127 Increase of glucose and lactate output and decrease of flow by human anaphylatoxin C3a but not C5a in perfused rat liver Püschel, Gerhard P. et al. 1989 paper 039
128 Increase of urate formation by stimulation of sympathetic hepatic nerves, circulating noradrenaline and glucagon inthe perfused rat liver Püschel, Gerhard P. et al. 1987 paper 038
129 Increase in prostanoid formation in rat liver macrophages (Kupffer cells) by human anaphylatoxin C3a Püschel, Gerhard P. et al. 1993 paper 037
130 Feedback-inhibition of glucagon-stimulated glycogenolysis in hepatocyte/kupffer cell cocultures by glucagon-elicited prostaglandin production in kupffer cells Hespeling, Ursula et al. 1995 paper 036
131 Die Wiederentdeckung eines Mathematikers: Wolfgang Döblin Imkeller, Peter et al. 2007 paper 035
132 Separation of effects of moderate N deposition from natural change in ground vegetation of forests and bogs Köchy, Martin et al. 2008 paper 034
133 Stabilization of constrained mechanical systems with DAEs and invariant manifolds Ascher, Uri M. et al. 1994 paper 033
134 Symplectic integration of constrained Hamiltonian systems Leimkuhler, Benedict et al. 1994 paper 032
135 Smoothed dynamics of highly oscillatory Hamiltonian systems Reich, Sebastian 1995 paper 031
136 Stabilization of DAEs and invariant manifolds Ascher, Uri M. et al. 1994 paper 030
137 Stochastic time series of daily precipitation for the interior of Israel Köchy, Martin 2006 paper 029
138 OPQS – optische Prozess- und Qualitäts-Sensorik Löhmannsröben, Hans-Gerd et al. 2005 paper 028
139 Structural concept for fluorinated Y-enynes with solvatochromic properties Kaafarani, Bilal R. et al. 2002 paper 027
140 Optical sensing with photon density waves: investigation of model media Reich, Oliver et al. 2003 paper 026
141 Optische Parameter zur Stoffcharakterisierung vom Trinkwasser bis zum Abwasser Frimmel, Fritz Hartmann et al. 1998 paper 025
142 Shpol’skii spectroscopy and vibrational analysis of [N]phenylenes Dosche, Carsten et al. 2003 paper 024
143 Photoinduced electron transfer in [N]phenylenes Dosche, Carsten et al. 2007 paper 023
144 Hydrothermal time model of germination : parameters for 36 Mediterranean annual species based on a simplified approach Köchy, Martin et al. 2006 paper 022
145 NIR-diode laser spectroscopy for isotope-selective sensing of soil-respired carbon dioxide Hörner, Gerald et al. 2004 paper 021
146 Isotope selective analysis of CO2 with tunable diode laser (TDL) spectroscopy in the NIR Hörner, Gerald et al. 2004 paper 020
147 Quantum dots as acceptors in FRET-assays containing serum Beck, Michael et al. 2006 paper 019
148 New challenges in biophotonics : laser-based fluoroimmuno analysis and in-vivo optical oxygen monitoring Löhmannsröben, Hans-Gerd et al. 2006 paper 018
149 Isotopic resolution of carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide by NIR diode laser spectroscopy Lau, Steffen et al. 2006 paper 017
150 Improvement of a fluorescence immunoassay with a compact diode-pumped solid state laser at 315 nm Niederkrüger, Matthias et al. 2006 paper 016
151 Pestizideinsatz gegen die Rosskastanien-Miniermotte (Cameraria ohridella) im Stadtgebiet Potsdam - Rückstandsanalytik 2005 Brendler, Christian et al. 2005 paper 015
152 Stationary and time-resolved fluorescence for humic substances characterization Kumke, Michael U. et al. 2002 paper 014
153 Fasergekoppelte NIR-Diodenlaser-Spektrometer zur simultanen und isotopen-aufgelösten Messung von CO und CO2 : Anwendungen in Plasma-Diagnostik und Bodengasanalyse Engelbrecht, Rainer et al. 2006 paper 013
154 Quantum dots as resonance energy transfer acceptors for monitoring biological interactions Hildebrandt, Nico et al. 2006 paper 012
155 In-situ LIF analysis of biological and petroleum-based hydraulic oils on soil Lemke, Matthias et al. 2005 paper 011
156 Fluorescence and energy transfer processes of humic substances and related model compounds in terbium complexes Kumke, Michael U. et al. 2005 paper 010
157 Laser-induced fluorescence (LIF) spectroscopy for the in situ analysis of petroleum product-contaminated soils Schultze, Rainer H. et al. 2004 paper 009
158 Polyproline and the "spectroscopic ruler" revisited with single-molecule fluorescence Schuler, Benjamin et al. 2005 paper 008
159 An optical multifrequency phase-modulation method using microbeads for measuring intracellular oxygen concentrations in plants Schmälzlin, Elmar et al. 2005 paper 007
160 Monitoring hormone-induced oxygen consumption in the salivary glands of the blowfly, Calliphora vicina, by use of luminescent microbeads Schmälzlin, Elmar et al. 2006 paper 006
161 Aqueous solutions of Uranium(VI) as studied by time-resolved emission spectroscopy : a Round-Robin Test Billard, Isabelle et al. 2003 paper 005
162 OPQS – optical process and quality sensing : exemplary applications in the beerbrewing and polyurethane foaming processes Engelhard, Sonja et al. 2006 paper 004
163 Laser-based ion mobility spectrometry for sensing of aromatic compounds Löhmannsröben, Hans-Gerd et al. 2004 paper 003
164 Deuteration effects on the vibronic structure of the fluorescence spectra and the internal conversion rates of triangular [4]Phenylene Dosche, Carsten et al. 2004 paper 002
165 Photophysical properties of [N]phenylenes Dosche, Carsten et al. 2002 paper 001
166 Eicosanoid-mediated increase in glucose and lactate output as well as decrease and redistribution of flow by complement-activated rat serum in perfused rat liver Muschol, Waldemar et al. 1991 pape 116

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