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1 Mathematic approaches for the calibration of the CHAMP satellite magnetic field measurements Yin, Fan 2010
2 On Es-spread effects in the ionosphere connected to earthquakes Liperovskaya, E. V. et al. 2006
3 On long-term variations of foF2 in the mid-latitude ionosphere before strong earthquakes Liperovskaya, E. V. et al. 2006
4 On the possible influence of radon and aerosol injection on the atmosphere and ionosphere before earthquakes Liperovsky, V. A. et al. 2005
5 Tätigkeitsbericht 1994-2000   2004
6 Acceleration and heating in the auroral magnetosphere by current driven electrostatic ion cyclotron turbulence Zakharov, Venjamin E. et al. 2000
7 Nonlinear electrostatic ion-acoustic waves in the solar atmosphere Volosevich, Alexandra et al. 2000
8 Nonlinear square patterns in Rayleigh-Bénard convection Demircan, Ayhan et al. 2000
9 Particle distribution from spectral Mie-scattering: kernel representation and singular-value spectrum Mekler, A. A. et al. 2000
10 Phase transitions, complexity, and stationarity in the production of polyrhythms Guasti, Giovanna et al. 2000
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