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1 A fault-controlled geothermal system in Tarutung (North Sumatra, Indonesia)investigated by seismological analysis Muksin, Umar 2014
2 An investigation of complex deformation patterns detected by using InSAR at Llaima and Tendürek volcanoes Bathke, Hannes 2014
3 Improving statistical seismicity models Bach, Christoph 2013
4 Varve and event layer chronology of Lake Suigetsu (Japan) back to 40 kyr BP and contribution to the international consensus atmospheric radiocarbon calibration curve Schlolaut, Gordon 2013
5 Lake sediments as climate and tectonic archives in the Indian summer monsoon domain Ambili, Anoop 2012
6 Mid- to Late Holocene flood reconstruction from two varved sediment profiles of pre-alpine Lake Ammersee (Southern Germany) Czymzik, Markus 2012
7 Thermokarst and thermal erosion : degradation of Siberian ice-rich permafrost Morgenstern, Anne 2012
8 Ökonomische, soziale und räumliche Folgen der saisonalen Arbeitsmigration im Herkunftsgebiet : am Beispiel der Region Konin (Polen) Grochowska, Marta 2011
9 East African monsoon variability since the last glacial Wolff, Christian 2011
10 Hydrology across scales : sensitivity of East African lakes to climate changes Olaka, Lydia Atieno 2011
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