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1 Analysing concerted criteria for local dynamic properties of metabolic systems Girbig, Dorothee 2014
2 Characterization of a Chlamydomonas protein involved in cell division and autophagy Tenenboim, Yehezkel 2014
3 Entwicklung influenzabindender Peptide für die Biosensorik Memczak, Henry 2014
4 Functional analysis of MYB112 transcription factor in the model plant Arabidopsis thaliana Lotkowska, Magda Ewa 2014
5 Methanogens from Siberian permafrost as models for life on Mars : response to simulated martian conditions and biosignature characterization Serrano, Paloma 2014
6 Modeling photosynthesis and related metabolic processes : from detailed examination to consideration of the metabolic context Arnold, Anne 2014
7 Poly(A) Polymerase 1 (PAPS1) influences organ size and pathogen response in Arabidopsis thaliana Trost, Gerda 2014
8 Analysis of Medicago truncatula transcription factors involved in the arbuscular mycorrhizal symbiosis Bortfeld, Silvia 2013
9 Body composition especially external skeletal robustness in association with physical activity and recreation in pre-pubertal children : a national and international investigation Rietsch, Katrin 2013
10 Carbon gains, losses, and feedbacks in shallow, eutrophic lakes of phytoplankton and macrophyte dominance Brothers, Soren 2013
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