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1 A study of the absorption characteristics of gaseous galaxy halos in the local Universe Herenz, Peter 2014
2 Advances in experimental methods to probe surface relief grating formation mechanism in photosensitive materials Yadavalli, Nataraja Sekhar 2014
3 Elementary processes in layers of electron transporting Donor-acceptor copolymers : investigation of charge transport and application to organic solar cells Schubert, Marcel 2014
4 Passive biomimetic actuators : the role of material architecture Guiducci, Lorenzo 2014
5 Bacterial motility and growth in open and confined environments Theves, Matthias 2013
6 Crowded field spectroscopy and the search for intermediate-mass black holes in globular clusters Kamann, Sebastian 2013
7 Dreidimensionale Diagnostik der großskaligen Zirkulation der Tropo- und Stratosphäre Jaiser, Ralf 2013
8 Fragments of the human antimicrobial LL-37 and their interaction with model membranes Dannehl, Claudia 2013
9 Models of the Galaxy and the massive spectroscopic stellar survey RAVE Piffl, Tilmann 2013
10 Morphology, charge transport properties, and molecular doping of thiophene-based organic semiconducting thin films Pingel, Patrick 2013
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