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1 An evaluation of the Google Books ngrams for psycholinguistic research Keuleers, Emmanuel et al. 2012
2 Comparing word frequencies from different German text corpora Heister, Julian et al. 2012
3 Corpus-based evidence for approximating semantic transparency of complex verbs Zinsmeister, Heike et al. 2012
4 Lexical resources in psycholinguistic research   2012
5 Resource requirements for neo-generative modeling in (psycho)linguistics Baayen, Harald R. 2012
6 The BAWL databases in research on emotional word processing Briesemeister, Benny B. et al. 2012
7 Towards exploring the specific influences of wordform frequency, lemma frequency and OLD20 on visual word recognition and reading aloud Kresse, Lara et al. 2012
8 Eye movements under the control of working memory : the challenge of a reading-span task Gendt, Anja 2011
9 About the relation between implicit Theory of Mind & the comprehension of complement sentences Poltrock, Silvana 2010
10 Proceedings of KogWis 2010 : 10th Biannual Meeting of the German Society for Cognitive Science   2010
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