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1 Assessing Celticity in a corpus of Irish Standard English Kirk, John M. et al. 2007
2 “Mozeying on down ...” : the Cornish Language in North America Kent, Alan M. 2007
3 Celtic and Afro-Asiatic Isaac, Graham R. 2007
4 Effects of Language Contact on Roman and Gaulish Personal Names Stüber, Karin 2007
5 Insular Celtic as a language area Matasović, Ranko 2007
6 Language contact, change of language status : ‘Celtic’ national languages in the British Isles and Ireland Wolf, Göran 2007
7 Language shift, Diglossia and dialectal variation in Western Brittany : the case of Southern Cornouaille German, Gary 2007
8 Late Modern Irish and the Dynamics of Language Change and Language Death Ó Béarra, Feargal 2007
9 Macc, Cailín and Céile – an Altaic element in Celtic? Mikhailova, Tatyana A. 2007
10 Of picts and penguins – Celtic Languages in the New Edition of the Oxford English Dictionary Thier, Katrin 2007
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