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1 Games as structures for mediated performances Nitsche, Michael 2010
2 Logic and structure of the computer game Günzel, Stephan et al. 2010
3 Logic as a medium Warnke, Martin 2010
4 Narrative logics of digital games Wenz, Karin 2010
5 On reality and simulation in an extra-moral sense : the playful logic of life and death in Liberty City Butler, Mark 2010
6 Playing on the plane of immanence : notes on the resonance between body and image in music video games Wiemer, Serjoscha 2010
7 Seki : ruledness and the logical structure of game space Kücklich, Julian 2010
8 Simulation of self-action : on the morphology of remote-controlled role playing Venus, Jochen 2010
9 The logic of play in everyday human-computer interaction Cermak-Sassenrath, Daniel 2010
10 The naturalization of knowledge : games between common sense and specialized knowledge Nohr, Rolf F. 2010
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