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1 "Bringin’ the Dunkey Down from the Carn :” Cornu-English in context 1549-2005; a provisional analysis Kent, ALan M. 2006
2 Anthroponyms as markers of ‘celticity’ in Brittany, Cornwall and Wales German, Gary 2006
3 Be after v-ing on the past grammaticalisation path : how far is it after coming? McCafferty, Kevin 2006
4 Celtic influence on English relative clauses? Poppe, Erich 2006
5 Contact, shift and language change : Irish English and South African Indian English Hickey, Raymond 2006
6 How to put up with cur suas le rud and the bidirectionality of contact Veselinović, Elvira 2006
7 Independent Developments in the Genesis of Irish English Siemund, Peter 2006
8 Irish presence in colonial Cameroon and its linguistic legacy Bobda, Augustin Simo 2006
9 Irish standard English : how celticised?; how standardised? Kirk, John M. et al. 2006
10 On the areal pattern of ‘brittonicity’ in English and its implications White, David L. 2006
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