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1 On a method for solution of the ordinary differential equations connected with Huygens' equations Hovhannisyan, A. H. et al. 2010
2 Boundary value problems with the transmission property Schulze, Bert-Wolfgang 2009
3 Edge-degenerate families of ΨDO’s on an infinite cylinder Abed, Jamil et al. 2009
4 On the well-posedness of the vacuum Einstein's equations Karp, Lavi 2009
5 Operators on manifolds with conical singularities Ma, L. et al. 2009
6 Behavior of the solution to a chemotaxis model with reproduction term Chen, Hua et al. 2008
7 Edge-boundary problems with singular trace conditions Schulze, Bert-Wolfgang et al. 2008
8 On a paper of Krupchyk, Tarkhanov, and Tuomela Schulze, Bert-Wolfgang 2008
9 Operators with corner-degenerate symbols Abed, Jamil et al. 2008
10 The iterative structure of corner operators Schulze, Bert-Wolfgang 2008
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