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1 A multi-speaker dialogue system for computer-aided language learning Vlugter, Peter et al. 2006
2 Acquiring words across generations : introspectively or interactively? Macura, Zoran et al. 2006
3 brandial’06 : Proceedings of the 10th Workshop on the semantics and pragmatics of dialogue (SemDial-10)   2006
4 Clarifying spatial descriptions : local and global effects on semantic co-ordination Mills, Gregory J. et al. 2006
5 Correction and acceptance by contrastive focus Karagjosova, Elena 2006
6 Cross recurrence quantification analysis of indefinite anaphora in Swedish dialog : an eye-tracking pilot experiment Diderichsen, Philip 2006
7 Dialogue pressures and syntactic change Kempson, Ruth et al. 2006
8 Formal semantics for iconic gesture Lascarides, Alex et al. 2006
9 From complex to simple speech acts : a bidimensional analysis of illocutionary Beyssade, Claire et al. 2006
10 Goal-oriented dialog as a collaborative subordinated activity involving collective acceptance Saget, Sylvie et al. 2006
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