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1 A discourse-based approach to verb placement in early West-Germanic Petrova, Svetlana 2006
2 An analysis of pitch and duration in material used to test L2 processing of words van de Vijver, Ruben et al. 2006
3 Morphological focus marking in Gùrùntùm (West Chadic) Hartmann, Katharina et al. 2006
4 On 'nicht...sondern...' (contrastive 'not...but...') Kasimir, Elke 2006
5 Quantificational Variability Effects with plural definites : quantification over individuals or situations? Endriss, Cornelia et al. 2006
6 The recognition of discontinuous verbal dependencies by German 19-month-olds : evidence for lexical and structural influences on children’s early processing capacities Höhle, Barbara et al. 2006
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