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1 Timing cellular decision making under noise via cell-cell communication Koseska, Aneta et al. 2009
2 Generating Surrogates from Recurrences Thiel, Marco et al. 2006
3 Twin Surrogates to Test for Complex Synchronisation Thiel, Marco et al. 2006
4 An approach to multivariate phase synchronization analysis and its application to event-related potentials Allefeld, Carsten et al. 2004
5 Testing for phase synchronization Allefeld, Carsten et al. 2004
6 Phase transitions, complexity, and stationarity in the production of polyrhythms Guasti, Giovanna et al. 2000
7 Characterizing the dynamics of stochastic bistable systems by measures of complexity Witt, Annette et al. 1997
8 Tempo-induced transitions in polyrhythmic hand movements Engbert, Ralf et al. 1997
9 Reconstruction of grand minima of solar activity from Delta 14 C data : linear and nonlinear signal analysis Voss, Henning et al. 1996
10 Detection of hidden resonances in Saturn's B-ring Thiessenhusen, Kai-Uwe et al. 1995
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