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1 Proceedings of the 7th Ph.D. Retreat of the HPI Research School on Service-oriented Systems Engineering Meinel, Christoph et al. 2014
2 Model-driven engineering of adaptation engines for self-adaptive software : executable runtime megamodels Vogel, Thomas et al. 2013
3 Modeling and verifying dynamic evolving service-oriented architectures Giese, Holger et al. 2013
4 Scalable compatibility for embedded real-time components via language progressive timed automata Neumann, Stefan et al. 2013
5 Cyber-physical systems with dynamic structure : towards modeling and verification of inductive invariants Becker, Basil et al. 2012
6 Industrial case study on the integration of SysML and AUTOSAR with triple graph grammars Giese, Holger et al. 2012
7 MDE settings in SAP : a descriptive field study Hebig, Regina et al. 2012
8 Quantitative modeling and analysis of service-oriented real-time systems using interval probabilistic timed automata Krause, Christian et al. 2012
9 Toward bridging the gap between formal semantics and implementation of triple graph grammars Giese, Holger et al. 2010
10 Correct dynamic service-oriented architectures : modeling and compositional verification with dynamic collaborations Becker, Basil et al. 2009
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