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1 Automated seismic event location by waveform coherence analysis Grigoli, Francesco 2014
2 3-D modeling of shallow-water carbonate systems : a scale-dependent approach based on quantitative outcrop studies Amour, Frédéric 2013
3 A novel non-invasive optical method for quantitative visualization of pH and oxygen dynamics in soils Rudolph-Mohr, Nicole 2013
4 Analysis and management of low flows in small catchments of Brandenburg, Germany Thomas, Björn 2013
5 Applications of Bayesian networks in natural hazard assessments Vogel, Kristin 2013
6 Automatisierte Objektidentifikation und Visualisierung terrestrischer Oberflächenformen Tyrallova, Lucia 2013
7 Bacterial communities in glacier forefields of the Larsemann Hills, East Antarctica : structure, development & adaptation Bajerski, Felizitas 2013
8 Challenges of regional hydrological modelling in the Elbe River basin : investigations about model fidelity on sub-catchment level Conradt, Tobias 2013
9 Climate change vulnerability assessments in the regional context Holsten, Anne 2013
10 Combining body wave tomography, surface wave inversion, seismic interferometry and laboratory measurements to characterize the black shales on Bornholm at different scales Baumann-Wilke, Maria 2013
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