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1 A fault-controlled geothermal system in Tarutung (North Sumatra, Indonesia)investigated by seismological analysis Muksin, Umar 2014
2 An investigation of complex deformation patterns detected by using InSAR at Llaima and Tendürek volcanoes Bathke, Hannes 2014
3 Automated seismic event location by waveform coherence analysis Grigoli, Francesco 2014
4 Geohistory of the Central Anatolian Plateau southern margin (southern Turkey) Radeff, Giuditta 2014
5 Landslide kinematics and interactions studied in central Georgia by using synthetic aperture radar interferometry, optical imagery and inverse modeling Nikolaeva, Elena 2014
6 Planetary mapping tools applied to floor-fractured craters on Mars Bamberg, Marlene 2014
7 Tracking climate signals in tropical trees : new insights from Indonesian stable isotope records Schollaen, Karina 2014
8 3-D modeling of shallow-water carbonate systems : a scale-dependent approach based on quantitative outcrop studies Amour, Frédéric 2013
9 A novel non-invasive optical method for quantitative visualization of pH and oxygen dynamics in soils Rudolph-Mohr, Nicole 2013
10 Analysis and management of low flows in small catchments of Brandenburg, Germany Thomas, Björn 2013
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