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What are the advantages of online publishing for me as an author and scientist?

  • Documents are available on your desktop immediately and worldwide.
  • Your online visibility increases significantly.
  • New research results can be integrated promptly into your own scientific work.
  • Targeted metadata search and full text search is possible.
  • The documents are indexed and contain metadata according to international standards (Dublin Core).
  • Persistent Identifiers (URN) are attributed to the documents for reliable and long-term referencing.
  • Authenticity, integrity and citability are warranted; the publication server is certified by the German Initiative for Network Information (DINI) and is thus conform to international standards.
  • All rights remain with the author.
  • The documents are retrievable via local and supraregional library catalogues and via the university’s bibliography.
  • Low-cost publication of 3D- and colour graphics, simulations, animations, video and audio sequences compared to print publications.
  • The publication process and subsequently your aquisition of the academic title are accelerated notably. By publishing online you have fulfilled the required obligation to publish.
  • Long-term preservation is ensured.

Is an additional publication of my document by a commercial publisher possible if I have already published it online?

Yes, that is possible. The libraries do not object to additional commercial publishing. But you will have to find a publisher that accepts a previous online publication.

When signing a contract with a publisher, please pay attention that the original electronic publication on the library's server will not be affected. Avoid transferring all your rights to the publisher.

Before signing a contract, you may want to look at the model contract available under http://www.dissonline.de/service/pdf/verlagsvertrag.pdf, together with explanations and information on co-operative publishers. Compare the contract that has been presented to you with the phrasing of the model contract and make sure that the commercial publication is possible without affecting the original online publication. When negotiating with the publisher, try to bring these model phrases into the contract before signing. Remember: the freedom of contract also applies to publishing contracts! (cp. DissOnline)

Where can I get help on how to publish online?

Potsdam University Press (a department of Potsdam University Library) is responsible for making the publications accessible online via the Institutional Repository of the University of Potsdam. It advises the authors and supports the publication process. The University Press provides information as to the required file formats and on how to create them. They furnish tutorials and tools to create documents in the appropriate formats and to transfer the electronic document to the library.

For all questions concerning electronic publishing please contact:

Dagmar Schobert (Potsdam University Press)

Adress for visitors:
Universitätsbibliothek Potsdam
Universitätskomplex III/2,
Park Babelsberg, Haus 6, Zi. 0.14
Tel. 977 4623 Fax: 977 3474
e-mail: verlag@uni-potsdam.de
Postal address:
Universitätsbibliothek Potsdam
Abt. Publikationen
Dagmar Schobert

14469 Potsdam

How do I search for online publications?

You will find the online publications of the University of Potsdam both on the Institutional Repository and via the online catalogue of the library. All titles are listed in library networks such as GBV or KOBV, in BASE, OAISTER and the Karlsruhe Virtual Catalog.

German theses can be found via the online catalogue of the German National Library (Deutsche Nationalbibliothek) and in the German open access repository network OA-Netzwerk, integrated in DRIVER.

Online publications can also been found by most search engines (e.g., Google).

See also: ..> Recherche

How can online publications be used?

After publication, the full-text documents can be used free of charge for scientific and private purposes within the scope of copyright law (the relevant German law is the "Urheberrechtsgesetz"). The documents are available worldwide. Within their means, the libraries guarantee long-term availability of the publications and permanent access to the documents, amongst others by attributing Persistent Identifiers (URN).

Where do I enquire if an online publication of my thesis is possible?

You can find an overview of possible formats and deadlines for the submission of theses at the University of Potsdam under

For detailed information concerning the doctorate regulations of the individual faculties please contact the respective deaneries.

Where do I find more information on online publishing of theses?

You will find comprehensive information on all aspects of electronic publishing of theses (legal questions, data formats etc.) under

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